Safe Mail

» Safe Mail is a free tool that will convert any email address into an image. Instead of actual text you'll have an image with your email address inside of it. This way spambots can't read your email address. All you have to do is enter the address, hit Go and an image will be created containing your email address. The filename is encoded and pretty damn impossible to decode back to your email address.

An example email image: email image

A spambot is a program designed to collect, or harvest, email addresses from the Internet in order to build mailing lists for sending unsolicited email, also known as spam. A spambot can gather email addresses from web sites, newsgroups, and chat-room conversations. Because email addresses have a distinctive format, spambots are easy to write.

You notice more and more that people try creative ways to fool spambots by typing their addresses as, for example; myemail[at]myhost[dot]com. It will do, but spambots keep getting smarter and who knows, they might already be on to your clever little email masking trick. That's why I created Safe Mail!

By default the email image is black text on a white background, but you can adjust that to meet any other color. Simply click the color box and select another color. You can even specify a custom color if you know it's exact HEX value.

I guarantee you that your email address will never be sold or passed on to anyone by using this tool. Your email address will not be saved in any other form than the generated image. This tool was specifically designed to prevent spam.

Safe Mail is an eFlare creation. Version - Created 71,116 email images so far. Safe Mail is listed on Home - About - FAQ - Privacy - Contact